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Do Your Case Contents Need Added Protection? Try form Foam Inserts
Your case may come with a customizable foam set or without.  If you choose a foam set, your lid will come with an egg crate foam insert.  Your bottom insert includes a shock absorbing form insert to protect your case contents.  Your form foam is easily customized.  You'll get a block of foam that's vertically pre-scored.  This high density material can be easily "plucked" in order to provide a snug and secure fit, which insures the maximum protection for your valuable equipment and/or accessories.

So How Exactly Can I Customize My Foam?  It's Easy...
Note:  Read all steps before you begin to customize.
The following are not required in any way, however, for advanced customization you may need:
a piece of white chalk or a permanent marker, a pair of scissors, and a razor blade, or hobby knife.

The Most Important Part Of Customization Is The Layout:

Step 1:  Measure out the correct dimensions of the object on which you will be using the foam for.  Be sure to take into account the size, shape and weight of the object you will place in your case. 

Step 2:  Set your object on top of the foam padding before you mark, cut or pluck anything. This way you will get a good idea of how you can configure the different content items into your case.  You may want to try several variations before settling on one configuration that will best protect the contents of your case.

Step 3:  It's a good idea to locate the larger and heavier objects closer towards the hinges of your waterproof protective case.  Remember to locate the smaller and lighter objects closer towards the latches of your rugged protective case. It's important to take note of how much the object is sinking into the foam.  Keep the sink factor in mind when determining how much foam you should allow between objects and between the walls of your waterproof case.

Step 4:  It's also important to think about balance.  You don't want your new rugged, waterproof protected item to cause your case to tip over every time you put it down.  Keep the separation of the items inside your case well balanced.  This can easily be achieved by placing the heaviest items more towards the center and by placing the lighter items around the case closer to the walls, but still leaving adequate rood for protection from the elements and shock protection as well.  Take into account that your case, most likely, will not remain still.  It will be tossed and turned in all directions depending on how adventurous you situation may be.


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