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Waterproof, Protect And Carry Your Valuables In An Alpha Waterproof Case

Waterproof Cases

Water Proof Cases | cases are engineered to protect your most valuable equipment. All cases are designed to withstand X-extremely harsh conditions. Our "Waterproof Case" SE products are molded from tough polypropylene co-polymer.  Our SX X-extreme fire retardant Type is molded from tough, resilient ABS and PVC. unbreakable, non-corrosive hinge and latch pins are molded from acetyl co-polymer. cases certified MIL-STD 810F 512.4 and ingress protection 6,7. Models


 SE Type Cases By Waterproof Case Type
The  SE Type Waterproof Cases offer an ideal solution to protect sensitive equipment such as measuring tools, cameras and sporting goods, underwater applications and marine/boating applications.
  X-extreme SX Type Cases
Molded in PVC and ABS, The X-extreme SX Type cases are manufactured to perform at triple the impact resistance of ordinary cases. SX Type case materials are flame retardant, with an Underwriters Laboratories rating of UL 94-V0.
Waterproof Features and Case Applications


Waterproof Features
Learn more about the standard and optional features available with all cases.




Case Applications Cases are ideal for a wide range of applications, ranging from cameras and video equipment to  laptop computer and electronic equipment to firearms and ammunition.
Case Accessories and Case Parts



Foam Sets
- Form Foam is vertically pre-scored, high-density foam that is easily formed to provide a snug fit that protects your equipment from the abuse of your toughest adventure.  Form Foam in cases is a removable, cubed matrix foam set, consisting of a layer of egg-crate foam in the lid, a thick cubed foam center and a ½” thick, high density shock absorbing foam bottom layer.

All cases are available empty with panel kits. Models 520, 720, 920, 1220 are available with Divider Sets

(See our Waterproof Case Help page for more information on how to work with form foam)

Padded divider trays
- (Available only with SE520, SE720, SE920, SE1220) padded dividers sets consist of thickly padded, Velcro lined divider “walls” that are adjustable to an infinite variety of configurations, allowing you to provide various sized compartments to protect your valuable equipment.

Neoprene O-Rings
- Perimeter O-Ring seal makes our cases airtight. Certified MIL-STD 810F 512.4 and IP Standards 6,7.

Panel Kits
- Panel Kits are used when stored equipment needs to be kept protected even when the case is open. Panel Kits are installed by the end user. There is a top and a bottom plate, available separately.  These plates are made of .063 brush aluminum and come with screws, one perimeter gasket and O-Rings for the screws, to waterproof the bottom portion of your case.   The top is not waterproof.   Note: the SE1220 panel kit does not require O-Rings for its screws.

Both panels can have custom cutouts installed by us according to your specifications. The customer specified cutouts are used to install electronic readouts, buttons, switches and other control and monitoring devices. Please call or e-mail us to discuss your specific needs.


Top and bottom panel kits available for all Models of the SE Type

Latches with optional  built-in Keyed Metal Locks

Available on all cases

Latches with optional built-in Plastic Locks

Available on all cases

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